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Shifting where paradox exists

I wrote in “Where is peak paradox” that paradoxes exist wherever you are; it is not about a fixed place but about the moment.

I have been thinking and talking about this concept further. It is evident that conflict and tension for neuro-diverse individuals occur differently from those who are neuro-typical. The same is true for other diversity agendas, including race and gender. For some in the team, the place where they are, there is no paradox, no tension, no conflict and therefore, this is an acceptable place to. But at this point, does the majority or the dominant voice win?

In so many ways, where this is no paradox, create a safe place and somewhere to hide and avoid the realities for others. Where you are safe does not mean others think the same.

Does the question become, should we find the place where there is the …

  • #least tension for everyone, or

  • #least tension for the majority, or

  • #most compromise for the fewest, or

  • #equal compromise for everyone.

This is why a leadership philosophy and culture matter because each situation creates a different outcome. The question that remains for leadership is, “What is more important, the person who has the paradox or doing the right thing?” The struggle is how you know that you have done the right thing.

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