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How to use the Peak Paradox framework

Based on some learnings from using the Peak Paradox framework in some difficult and unique situations, here are a few do’s and don’t


  • spend some time to get used to the Peaks, what they mean

  • set up one person as the note taker

  • give yourself time and allow time for silence 

  • take time to explain the model and what will come. Use one of the examples to allow everyone to debate a topic

  • do a test framework first, it is worth spending the time to map the words and language you use on the Peak Paradox model to enable everyone to express their understanding about the unique words that you use

  • be specific about what the criteria you want to plot are and plot one point at a time

  • make sure that everyone gives one point before moving on

  • go round a few times on the first map to make sure everyone gets comfortable

  • the analysis after a coffee break together

  • do it again after reflection time, using the same question set in a different order.


  • try and capture everything from one person at a time, allow the thinking to adapt

  • allow someone to justify their answer - your view is sufficient

  • allow criticism of any answer - everyone is equal

  • allow questions seeking justification or promoting 

  • overthink or spend too much time,  this is about opinion and beliefs, it is not politics

  • allow big voices to speak more than everyone else

  • try and do it individually - this is about and group and a team

  • try and do the analysis later

  • Create an action plan to change someone’s mind

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