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updating that war and monopoly are the same thing

In the last post called "The Paradox that war and monopoly are the same thing," I explored the concept of being outside of the boundaries. It stirred some debate, and so here is an updated version with a sovereign, empire, state control, and prophets added. I have kept this map to physical beings as we have not had information being representation as yet.

In the diagram below - sovereign (albeit it a long temporary period) tends to serve a few people very well but has a massive interest to keep their citizens away from death - so they can fight wars (defence and offence). Empire and state control serve a few very well, and a thriving economy builds wealth beyond measure for a few but can raise many. Dictatorships are another issue and can easily be placed in a similar position to a sovereign. Whilst being a prophet in your own land is near impossible - they do change the dynamics. Today surely, these are influencers and revolutionaries.

The purpose of the peak paradox framework is not to provide solutions or answers but to raise the possibility of a paradox - the same information leading to a different conclusion. If you cannot see the paradox in each position, you are in a framing where you can be guided and steered. Executives and leaders search for the paradox to ensure that they can see that the data they are being presented with for a decision can lead to more than one outcome.

It is then a choice of how to behave and a decision on how to act.

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