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Isolation - the 8th deadly sin

I originally mapped the 7 deadly sins to the peak paradox model. There was a bit of debate about if sloth is peak human and if gluttony is peak individual; however, Viktor Mirovic pointed out something far more obvious. None of the original 7 deadly sins sits at Peak Society/ group Purpose. Indeed it is difficult to contemplate how any of them would be at a peak social purpose, as the 7 deadly sins are by nature focussed on an individual sin, rather than a group sin - don’t worry I do wonder if sin is the right word too, but I am just accepting it is part of our language to describe the model.

Anyway, Viktor then suggested that Shame could sit at Peak Social/ Group Purpose and we concluded that shame or intolerance are actions but the outcome is isolation. (yes the other 7 deadly sins are a mix of outcomes and actions) We have a stack of social techniques that a group will use to demand control over another individual, it is the group exercising their will. If we change the lens we now have majority voting, choice and democracy.

COVID19, and the fall out from the global pandemic, has perhaps highlighted that there is an 8th deadly sin which is to create isolation. I have written a number of times about our response to COVID19: Burnout, Breakdown, Boredom, Blessed, Better, Bottom and Belonging.

There are a wide number of groups who response has been to end up isolated - shame from the living environment you have, shame about choices which means you are where you are, shame about the response you have shown, shame about belief in a conspiracy, shame about education to grasp the complexity, shame about a desire to want to ignore it, shame about not being able to work…. All isolating words from society. Intolerance has a fair few as well.

Have added ISOLATION and now to the debate. Is this right, is there a better word, are there more?

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